Publishing a book with a traditional publishing house is becoming harder and harder, and independent publishing is almost as hard (if not harder). Between marketing, design, layouts, and fighting with the Goodreads website, it’s a wonder they have any time to write.

But they do, and so here are six indie 2024 debuts released between year-end 2023 and January 2024:

Title: Voyager
Author: Jay Wright Tompkins
Release: January 15, 2024
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Synopsis: In the 2190’s, Earth has become a foggy, distant memory for most of humanity. But for the unlucky survivors on the surface, every day reminds them of the atrocities that led to Earth’s downfall. The great cities of Earth have descended into a complex, interweaving web of gang wars and despotic opportunists. In the remnants of Malibu, a small group of young people, orphaned by the great tragedy, have created a humble commune, where they live collectively and act as a peacekeeping force for the ruined city of Los Angeles.

A young woman named Sarasvati, who grew up in the commune, has made a name for herself as a ruthless warrior who fights for justice. Her relationship with her girlfriend, Zoe, is strained when the Vanguard, the hate group that persecuted her when she was a teenager resurfaces and wants her, and the rest of the commune, dead.

Among the chaos, an affluent family from the planet Venus, seemingly falls out of the sky and begs Sarasvati and her friends for help in escaping the dangers of Earth and going to Titan, where patriarch Everett Lambert hopes to find a promising career in politics.

When the Vanguard learns that the Lambert Family is on the surface, they focus all of their efforts into eradicating them, lest they escape with the fugitives and spread word of the conspiracy keeping Earth’s demise a secret from the rest of humanity.

Title: Food for Thought
Author: Ariana Ferrante
Release: End of 2023
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Synopsis: Limos is the goddess of starvation. Whatever she touch withers and wastes, crumbling to dust. She aids those seeking destruction, plaguing fields with famine and waters with drought. When mortals see her, they yearn.

Her opposite, harvest goddess Demeter, makes life flourish wherever she goes. She supplies mortals with fruits and vegetables, piling their tables with sustenance and satisfaction. When mortals see her, they are contented.

Given their opposing natures, The Fates themselves have decreed Limos and Demeter are never to meet, promising only ruin and mutual destruction should they ever unite.

But when Demeter arrives at her doorstep, begging for her assistance, Limos can’t help but fall victim to the same yearning her mortal worshippers feel…

Title: The Weight of Wishes
Author: Tori Weed
Release: January 25, 2024
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Synopsis: If dreams can come true, it is vital to remember that nightmares, well, they exist too.

Seren was only four when the Stellean king killed her mother. Sixteen years his servant, Seren understands her place in his cruel court: Stay quiet. Stay out of trouble. And most importantly, stay alive.

But now, the Fae king wants her dead too, and there is only one way to stop him.

Thrust into a challenge not undertaken for centuries, Seren must navigate trials more dangerous and twisted than she could ever imagine.

With the fate of her kingdom hanging in the balance, can Seren defy the odds and uncover the truth about her past?

The clock is ticking. The gods are watching.

Title: Starcrossed: Adrift
Author: J.R. Gault
Release: January 1, 2024
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Synopsis: Born a female on an island hidden somewhere in the blue waves of a backwater planet known as Zinn Ilda, Nico leaves home to find his missing father, Daris. Able to sense the pull of fate itself, Nico follows that pull to discover his missing father. Dead. There, he also encounters an outsider who somehow knows his mother’s name.

Not long after, the traveling ban on Zinn Ilda is lifted and Nico finds himself taken away by cruel space-faring mercenaries from beyond the stars. Now he must struggle to survive their world and expectations and prove to his captors that, despite having the body of a woman, he is a man.

Title: you are also a rock (and a frog)
Author: Astarion B. Wilde
Release: January 1, 2024
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Synopsis: Poetry – you are also a rock (and a frog) is all about finding the Light from having lived inside the Dark for far too long. Understanding we are all connected as we share the same breath and the stars in the sky. Healing from the deepest wounds allows you to open your eyes and see the world in its true beauty. Readers will follow Wilde’s journey of grief and growth to love and compassion for themselves and the world they share.

Title: Sunshine Kisses
Author: Kelly L. Clarke
Release: January 1, 2024
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Synopsis: Abigail Briar has spent her life searching for approval, acceptance, and validation: from her parents, from academia, and from herself. The only person she feels entirely at ease with is her best friend.

Three things truly matter to Erik Larsson: the environment, his family, and his best friend since childhood. In a world that constantly places stress on his mind and body, Abby has always been his quiet haven from the noise.

Constant companions since they were born two weeks apart twenty-five years ago, it’s always been them against the world. Through mental health issues, family struggles, and across large distances, they’ve always had each other’s backs.

To everyone around them, they’re a perfect match, although they’ve spent years insisting they’re just friends.

When they spend a week in the close proximity of a holiday with their respective (and ever so slightly meddling) families, the connection that has always existed between them begins to heat up. But as the tension between them reaches boiling point, will ghosts from their long history threaten to tear them apart?

Sunshine Kisses is a spicy childhood best friends to lovers story with mental health representation, plenty of tension, and a dual-POV on a dual-timeline.

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